fuckipred v0.2.14b

NOTE! a few users have been experiencing some problems with fuckipred and newer versions of aircrack-ng than 1.0_rc3! you should therefor only use fuckipred with the rc3 release, or wait for the next version of fuckipred which will use the current version of aircrack-ng.

second beta release! added ieee8021 network stack support.. also fixed up the arch-package, it now takes care of all the aircrack-ng compiling for you. for full info please see the changelog!

please do report any bugs to sluggo@dm9.se!
(still) missing feats:
* save crack result
* connect to cracked/saved network
* advanced settings
aircrack-ng >= 1.0-rc3 still has to be compiled with unstable=true to build wesside-ng.

update 09-06-28:
well even though i was drunk this time as well i think this deb should work.. just as the arch version it downloads, compiles, and installs aircrack-ng as needed. this means you dont have to do anything by yourself, just start, list networks and crack!

arch linux aur:    http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=26732
deb package:     fuckipred_0.2.14b-1_i386.deb (23.0 KiB, 3,854 downloads)
rpm package:    n/a
src:     fuckipred-0.2.14b.tar.gz (30.4 KiB, 3,349 downloads)

// sluggo