fuckipred readme

read this document before installing, running or doing anything at all really!
if you have any questions (or suggestions) that are not answered here please
contact me at sluggo@dm9.se
all references to i and me in the text refers to sluggo of dm9.


0  before installing
	0.0 what is fuckipred?
	0.1 dependencies
	0.2 known bugs
	0.3 what needs to be done before installing

1  installing
	1.0 how to install
	1.1 how to uninstall
	1.2 using the prebuilt packages

2  usage
	2.0 your first run

3  mini faq

due to me being stupid you have to make sure to edit the PIDOF_COMMAND and
KILLALL_COMMAND to match the absolute path to wesside-ng if and only if theyr
not callable by typing "wesside-ng" in a terminal.

0 before installing
some info on what you need to know and do before installing..
if your using a package theres pretty much nothing to worry about, just install
and run.. i think.

0.0 what is fuckipred?
fuckipred - Front-end Using aircraCK-ng to Inteligently Penetrate Retrdedly
Encrypted Domains, i really had to stretch to get that name together..
Its basically a network manager with the ability to crack and connect to
wep-encrypted networks using wesside-ng from the aircrack-ng suite.

0.1 dependencies
aircrack-ng suite >= 1.0_rc3 (compiled with unstable=true to make wesside-ng..)
wireless-tools (iwconfig) >= pretty much any version i think
dhcpcd >= just about any version as well
glib2 >= some version.. dunno really
gtk2 >= dont use any fancy schmancy shit so you prolly dont have to worry

0.2 known bugs
* if a thread (when cracking or updating net-list) encounters an error the
  thread is never marked as terminated and you have restart to get a new one
* some output still slips through into the logbox from wesside-ng..
* havent tried it with madwifi, im not sure but i think its supposed to call
  airmon-ng in some funky way, so that prolly wont work.
* ralink users may get some erroneous data in the network list

0.3 what needs to be done before installing
if youve installed or compiled aircrack so it cant be ran by simply typing
aircrack-ng in a terminal you have to edit the aircrack commands section in
fuckipred.h accordingly (no c-knowledge is really needed, just open
fuckipred.h in your favourite editor and change the #defines) and recompile.
other than that you just gotta make sure you got all the dependencies.. if
theyr pretty much up to date you should be ok. no version checking is done when
compiling so you wont encounter any errors until you run the prog.
a updated kernel REALLY eases any pain you may get when trying to make it run.

1 installing
how to install

1.0 how to install
open terminal in fuckipred dir and enter theese commands
$ make
$ sudo make install
and thats it!

1.1 how to uninstall
open terminal in fuckipred dir and enter this commands
$ sudo make uninstall

1.2 using the prebuilt packages
since i use arch linux that package is the most reliable, however all the packages takes care of all the dependencies as well as compiling aircrack-ng correctly.<del datetime="2009-06-27T22:55:13+00:00">
as soon as i get my testing comp up and running (it will be running xubuntu and
fedora) i hope to implement these features in the deb and rpm packages as well.</del>
please see www.dm9.se for the latest packages, they should be installable using
your distros package manager.

2 usage
information on how to run, set settings and spank your monkey with fuckipred.
one really good pointer is to read the text shown in the log-window.

2.0 your first run
check the settings tab and make sure the correct nic is selected.
go back to the start tab and click the big button.
tell all your friends your an awesome superhacker that can take down nasa any
day of the week.

3 mini faq

Q: why are the networks listed in different colors?
A: red text means wpa-encrypted (pretty much unsupported right now), black is
   wep (theese are the recommended ones) and green are unencrypted networks.

Q: when i click abort it takes for ever before it stops cracking, wtf?!
A: instead of just terminating the processes fuckipred cleans up and puts your
   nic back into "normal" state.. which takes some time!

Q: why does fuckipred have to be run with root privileges?
A: most of the progs called need to be ran as root, and since fuckipreds the
   one running them it also needs root privileges.

Q: why didnt you use this-and-that option/switch when running this-and-that?
A: if you wonder that you obviously dont need this tool, now do you?!

Q: fuckipred says that aircrack isnt installed but it is, what gives?!
A: read friggin readme, stupid!

Q: will you write a windows version of fuckipred?
A: nope, never ever ever ever! but ive been thinking about setting together a
   dsl-kinda distro with just fuckipred installed so any winblows user can
   enjoy it.

Q: your todo-list is written in some weird crypto-language..?
A: yup, swedish. im from sweden.

Q: dude, the code doesnt follow &lt;your-standard-of-choice&gt; and looks like
   spaghetti. furthermore the proper way of doing this-and-that is
   &lt;your-super-duper-way-of-doing-it&gt;, do you even have a single ph.d?
A: nope, im not even that good'a aircrack user. but hey, screw you!

Q: my network got hacked because of you and your stupid program and now big
   american companies and a bunch of hollywood-wannabes want my money!
A: the world is retarded and it sucks to be you!

Q: fuckipred just hacks my network but i got no internet connection, i mean
   thats the problem! what kinda pos program is this?
A: you're retarded.

Q: this idiot-faq/readme didnt answer my question!?
A: did you really think it would?