htc hero tinkering..

after buying a hero i’ve been fiddlin around with it for quite a while. after what prolly was my 20th reflash i ran in to some trouble when i tried to connect to the android market. when entering my usual credentials instead of beeing greeted with a EULA i got the following error:
“Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your SIM card may not be provisioned for data services”
Since i was pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with my sim i was a bit startled.. so i turned to google! and this is what i came up with (please do note that, as usual, if you fuck up your phone beyond recognizability using any or all of these tips you can blame me all you want but i won’t care):

  first way to do it (did not work for me):
Clear all google apps data and reboot.
this is done by hitting menu at the home screen then tapping settings then navigate “Applications” >> “Manage applications” and tapping each google app and select clear data/cache (not sure about the name in english). reboot as usual and according to the internet it should now work.

  second way (did not work for me either):
connecting thru wifi using a static ip.
this is done by going into “Settings” >> “Wireless controls” >> “Wi-fi settings” >> (tap on <your network name> and press menu) >> “Advanced”, and entering a static ip which works with your router, gateway (which is usually your routers ip), netmask (usually unless your on a big ass network) and dns servers (either the ones you got from your isp or OpenDNS, and now connect to your wireless network and it should work.

  third way (didnt even try this):
do a hard reset and enter your credentials when reinitializing your phone.
since this would clear out all my contacts, calendar entries and such i didn’t try it.. but if you want to you just go into settings then “Security” >> “Factory Data Reset”. but remember that this will clear out all of your data!

  fourth way (which worked for me!)
root the phone and remove the settings manually.
to do this you need the android sdk and the instant root package (if you don’t want to join the forum just download it from the bottom of this post). after installing the sdk connect your phone with the usb-cable (do not mount it or anything), open a terminal (in windows that’s a dos-box) and navigate to the tools dir in the sdk dir and run

./adb install /path/to/InstantRoot.apk

/path/to should be replaced the path to InstantRoot.apk (if you’r using windows you should skip the ./ part).
take a look in your message bar in the phone and it should say that instant root was successfully installed. then run

./adb remount
./adb shell
rm /data/data/

this will clear all your google settings and you should now be able to connect to the appmarket/mail/storage and whatnot!

android sdk:
InstantRoot: (53.4 KiB, 2,203 downloads)

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