Mac mini with PCIe port

Finally got the time to get my PCIe-extended mac mini up and running. Bought the extra monitors and the pe4h weeks ago but been swamped..
This is how it looks at the moment
Mac mini with PCIe

adding some usb-ports..
Still no case

by the way, my desk have never been this clean since this photo was taken.
full setup with screens

  1. Yuri Says:

    Hi sluggo,

    I found your project as my MacMini has a broken gfx card, which is such a shame, otherwise it’s a great little beast.
    I am about to buy a PE4H from Taiwan, but there are rather many options. Could you be so kind and let me know exactly which option you bought?
    A guide would be great of course, but I understand that documentation never gets the resources ;-)
    Thank you!


  2. sluggo Says:

    Hello Yuri!
    sorry i haven’t got a guide up yet.. I’ve got the 2.0a version (in the drop-down menu its called “PE4H-PM3N ver2.0a $71″) set up with an external psu, haven’t got around to getting the power out from the converter yet.

    // sluggo