kernel 2.6.37-mba3 (ARCH version)

ok, heres the first working aur-pkg that builds and installs properly on my mba3,2, its based on the official kernel 2.6.37 package from arch linux testing repo. i fudged up and lost the binary package when messing around with the boot partitions so ill have to upload that when ive had time to recompile it.. it looks like crap since i havent fixed the kernel26-headers nor kernel26-docs parts (thats why i havent uploaded it to the aur yet).
the patches that are applied are the official arch linux patch(set), mba-alsa, mba-applesmc, mba-backlight, mba-bcm5974-touchpad, mba-efi, mba-hid (see earlier post for more info on these patches)..

kernel26-mba3:     kernel26-mba3.tar.gz (40.7 KiB, 1,865 downloads)

just a note, since kernel26-headers is not installed with this package (yet) you cannot compile any kernel modules (read broadcom-driver) but the new and improved kernel brcm-driver works just fine with the mba3 wl-card! all you have to do is

sudo modprobe brcm80211

and/or add it to the modules section in rc.conf (doesnt work with udev yet).

updated the package and now it builds the kernel headers as well.

// sluggo