The fuckipred project

fuckipredFront-end Using aircraCK-ng to Intelligently Penetrate Retardedly Encrypted Domains

What is this?

Simply put fuckipred is a point-and-click wep cracker. You install, start, select a network, click “crack” and wait. Thats all there is to it!
Actually the program itself is just a frontend to a couple of other tools, mainly wesside-ng from the aircrack-ng suite, thats the prog who does the actual cracking.


Since the ipred-law was put into action here in sweden i figured id contact the authorities pointing out how easy it is to hijack someones wireless network and use it to download whatever it is one wants to download, using the aircrack-ng suite and thus rendering the law not only useless but a infringement on peoples privacy. But since the thought of typing something into a terminal (even if its just “wesside-ng -i mon0″) seems way too daunting to alotta people i decided on writing a front-end to it.


If you are using Debian or any of its derivates eg. (K/X/Flux/…)Ubuntu, Mint, etc all you have to do is download the deb package and double-click it!
For arch linux users (like me) theres a aur-package, heres a guide on how to install AURs.
Im also working (well, at least every now and then) on a rpm package, but for now other users have to download the source tarball and compile it, for further info please refer to the readme and aircrack-install-script.

Quick usage how to

Install and start fuckipred, if your using a laptop make sure you wifi is switched on.
Click on the refresh-symbol in the essid-column in the network list.
Select a (preferably the first one from the top) network in black text.
Click on the “make with the cracking”-button.
Wait for the network key to turn up in the key-field and the “All done!” message in the Log window.
Select and copy the key, then use your network manager to connect to the network with it!


Its commin.. for now youll have to make due with the last alpha screen, its pretty much the same!
if anyone got a nice screen and want to share it here, please feel free to send over!

About the project

its pretty slow going as im kinda swamped with other stuff right now..


Please take the time to read the release announcement

info:    release announcement, readme, changelog
arch linux aur:
deb package:     fuckipred_0.2.14b-1_i386.deb (23.0 KiB, 3,854 downloads)
rpm package:    n/a
src:     fuckipred-0.2.14b.tar.gz (30.4 KiB, 3,349 downloads)

// sluggo