bsd – the last one standing

been fiddling around with freebsd and openbsd for a while (mainly on the mac mini as both laptops have been tied up at school/work) and after reading about’s skynet mirror i made the full move. This means there will be no more updates regarding linux software/installation/drivers/kernel.
my main project at the moment, an rtorrent-xmlrpc-wrapper-lib together with a simple gtk-frontend and a ssl-only webbserver serving only rtorrent-info, compiles nicely on freebsd – which ended up being my bsd of choice for the mini. the lib is still in early pre-alpha but can send requests and receive the responses by itself (this means you do not need to install any software, i.e webserver to run a frontend). Hopefully ill get some more work done on it during the summer.
Had a couple of beers now so this might have been a bit rambling but i hope you get the gist of it..

// sluggo

update: just realized im still administrating some debian-based servers at work.. so there might come some vague posts about that.