running geany in “native” osx

if you’d like to run geany without an x-server running under osx this is one way to do it:
install gtk-osx, note that if you’r like me and do-as-you-read and have XCode4 installed you will run into trouble, namely perl-xml-something-something-errors. Not to worry, after some googling i realized that further down on that very page they explain how to solve this. The .jhbuildrc-custom file they are referring to is located in your home folder. I’d recommend adding the following line to your .bashrc (also in your home folder)

export PATH=~/.local/bin:$PATH


export PATH=~/.local/bin:~/gtk/inst/bin:$PATH

to shorten the jhbuild-command (the second one will also let your run things like gtk-demo from command line).
When you’r done installing gtk-osx you can either download the source of geany and just run

sudo make install

or co it from their svn. Supposedly XCode comes with an svn-client but since i couldn’t run it by typing svn in the terminal i downloaded and installed Martin Otts pkg. Shortly after that i was back in my favorite gui ide.
I have noticed some tiny bugs, mainly that focus-after-click (eg. when you click a menu and then move the cursor to another menu-item) doesn’t always work.

// sluggo