[uvc] cross-platform killing of autofocus on uvc-cam

got some work done on the uvc-controller today.. finally managed to turn of auto-* on the logitech c910 in mac os x (haven’t tried on the other boxes yet). heres a dump:
os x uvc-controller

// sluggo

  1. Alessandro Previti Says:

    My name is Alessandro, I’m a student of art and I’m developing a small a.r. app for my master thesis in 1 month.
    C910 lack of controls was driving me crazy and your program gave me hope back!

    Till now it looks that just auto-focus off is working on c910.
    Do you plan to add a contrast control?
    Where to make a donation?


  2. Brian Cook Says:


    Would you be willing to release the source code for UVC-CTR? It would be awesome!

    Brian Cook