[mac, uvc-ctrl] uvc-ctrl gui!

Klaus has written a gui for the latest version of uvc-ctrl! to use it all you have to do is place the uvc-ctrl in the same folder as his app and you can point-and-click-control your uvc cam. if you wish to bundle uvc-ctrl and Klaus’ gui you just copy it into the app. the easiest way to do that is by unpacking uvc-ctrl and uvc-ctrl-GUI in your home-folder, start the terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) and type

mv uvc-ctrl uvc-ctrl-GUI.app/Contents/MacOS/

and then hit enter.
Thank you Klaus for you awesome work!

note libusb is still required.

// sluggo

  1. Matthew Says:

    humm… I can’t get it to work with my cameras. The “Get” function never recognizes them. I’ve double checked to be sure I’ve got the GUI app in the same folder as the uvc-ctrl app – I’ve also tried bundling them per the instructions in this post. Could there be something else I’m overlooking?


  2. sluggo Says:

    seems weird.. do you get any output in the log-window (the one with “Max” as title)?


  3. Joe de Max Says:

    It works! Kinda.

    I can only mess with the image when its in an app like photo booth. As soon as I open the camera in an application like Wirecast or Skype all the manual settings are lost and all i get is request failed.

    Also, Any chance of getting a an option to switch between 50hz/60hz anti flicker? That would complete it!


  4. sluggo Says:

    Hello Joe!
    it seems this problem occurs in many different programs, i’m still not sure whether it’s a driver-problem or if something else is causing it. it is however the main thing i’m trying to fix (unfortunately school and work are hogging a lot of time at the moment). in the mean time Klaus, the author of the gui, came up with a work-around that works in most situations: after starting the program that resets all the settings try, from within that program, switching to another cam temporarily. whilst the other cam is active you update your settings on the cam you want to use. When you’re done you switch back to that one and your settings should (hopefully) be stored.
    I’ll include an anti-flicker switch in the upcoming version!

    // sluggo