[mac, uvc-ctrl] uvc-ctrl 1.02alpha out..

update: regarding the iSight, to get the it into uvc-ctrl menu it has to be active..

update 2: This was originally the release announcement for 1.0a, but i did some minor changes that i realized fixed some really annoying things in that version so i uploaded the new one (1.02a) and just replaced the download link here.. if you’re one of the first five to download the 1.0a version, i’m sorry!

here’s the new alpha version of uvc-ctrl, it looks pretty much as the screenshots in the previous post. function-wise it doesn’t differ much from the last one but it now comes with a native gui localized in english and swedish and is completely dependency-free. note that it’s a status-bar app so no windows are displayed until you select a camera in the menu. there are still some functions missing, most notably the cam-profiles.. also, i’ve only had the chance to test it on 10.6.8. if anyone would like to report success/fail on other os x versions that would be super!
since this is a complete rewrite any and all bug-reports are very welcome, either to sluggo@dm9.se or in the comments below. It would be great if the they included your os x-version, any messages from the Console-app in the Utilities folder (you can filter with the phrase se.dm9) and what led up to it.
lastly, since i wouldn’t be able to draw a stick-figure if my life depended on it there’s no icon!

 uvc-ctrl-v1.02a.zip (unknown, 8,352 downloads)

// sluggo

  1. SineSquareSaw Says:

    Fantastic work, if you’d like an icon I’ll happily whip one up for ya.


  2. SineSquareSaw Says:

    Also very happy to do a menubar icon too


  3. sluggo Says:

    Thank you, that would be awesome!
    Btw, that is one good looking webpage you’ve got there!


  4. SineSquareSaw Says:

    Cheers mate, how can I send you the artwork when I’m done? Will make it over the next week or two.


  5. sluggo Says:

    i guess email would be the easiest way, sluggo@dm9.se.
    thanks again!

    // sluggo


  6. Mac Cowell Says:

    uvc-ctrl-v1.02a works for me with a logitech c910 on a macbook air, OS.X 10.7.4.

    The c910 starts with auto focus, auto white balance, auto exposure, but the Exposure mode dropdown indicates “Manual Iris”. I can verify it’s in auto exposure by setting all other settings to manual mode then covering the camera with my hand and then removing it – I see a flash of white as the camera responds.

    If I try to set the Exposure mode dropdown to “auto” or “Manual exposure”, a modal dialog appears saying “Failed! Could not set value! If you didn’t do anything exotic the control you tried to use may only be partially supported by the cam.” But the camera starts out in auto-exposure mode… so is this a bug?

    It’s not a big deal – to reset the camera to auto-exposure mode, and all the other settings, I just unplug and re-plug the camera.

    Thanks for some great software.



  7. sluggo Says:

    Thank you so much for the report and sorry bout that! i didn’t name the options very well.. “Manual iris” actually means “Auto exposure & Manual iris”.. i will rename it in the next version. This is also the expected behavior by any cam with settable exposure time but constant iris (static aperture):
    – The “Manual” option means that both settings (exposure time and iris) will stay the same unless changed by the user
    – “Auto” that both will be automatically adjusted by the cam to fit the current light conditions (impossible for a cam with a static aperture)
    – “Manual exposure” that iris will be adjusted by cam (as above) but exposure time will stay the same unless user changes it
    – “Manual iris” that exposure time will be adjusted by cam but iris will stay the same unless user changes it
    Hence if a cam has a static aperture “Exposure mode”: “Manual iris” as default and “Iris”: “Not supported”, together with just partial “Exposure mode” support is what is expected.
    I’m also writing a readme for the next version and will be sure to include this!

    // sluggo


  8. Aaron Harvey Says:



    You are amazing.

    It works with my Logitech 615
    Ok so, heres the deal. If you release this on the Apple App Store. You will be a millionair.

    I wont to donate $50 to you. How can i do so?


  9. Aaron Harvey Says:

    Want to donate. Sorry i was just too excited to type!


  10. sluggo Says:

    glad you like it, really appreciate your enthusiasm!
    if you want to donate i would be really happy if you’d consider these organizations: doctors without borders and/or greenpeace, they do incredible work and sure need it more than i do =)


  11. Aaron Harvey Says:

    Green Peace it is :)

    Well please don’t give up on this project.
    You are the only person on the net that i have found that has created such an app.


  12. sluggo Says:

    That’s awesome!
    with comments like yours i sure won’t =)


  13. michele Says:

    I already wrote by email to sluggo… but just wanted to add my “bravissimo” in a public way for this important app that promits to solves a problem that all media-artis meets, soon or later!



  14. Bosse Says:

    Fantastiskt! fungerar med min Logitech C525 /SnowLeopard.

    That is: Fantastic, works with my Logitech C525/SnowLeopard !

    Heja Sverige!


  15. stefa Says:

    good job … Please continue




  16. Donatas Says:

    Great job, but I was not able to change any settings for 045e:075d Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, because all settings Not supported. Where could be an issue?


  17. sluggo Says:

    Hello Donatas!
    I am working on support for MS-cams at the moment, they are not as standard-compliant as other manufacturers so it requires some extra work.
    I’m sorry about the dealy of the new version, i thought i would have released it by now but work, school and troubles getting it to work in 10.6.x – 10.8.x has gotten in the way..


  18. Coadey Says:

    This is amazing work and adds all the important controls that are missing from native UVC Mac support. 1.02a works great for me under 10.8.2 using Logitech C270 cameras (uvc-ctrl displays it as 046d:0825). Two of the best features are that it’s application agnostic, and caches the controls, so any tool (like ImageSnap) that taps into UVC can benefit from uvc-ctrl. Thank you!!


  19. tim Says:

    Cool program. Kind of works with a Logitech C920 on 10.7.5. I get the ability to change the focus, exposure mode, and exposure, but everything is grayed out or ‘not supported’. I’m pretty sure this camera does support these features…

    The camera is Product 046d:082d if that helps. The Manufacturer line is currently ‘(empty)’.


  20. sluggo Says:

    Thank you for the report.. i’ll have to look into that, from what i’ve heard logitech use some custom (but still uvc-compliant) commands to set alotta stuff.


  21. twist Says:

    How could I download 1.02a version? (file does not exist error…)
    BTW. Great work for community!


  22. Jo Says:

    To set up a Logitech Webcam 9000 Pro for 3D scanner I’d like to use (parts of) your uvc-ctrl code. Now the download link seems to be dead, could you please revive it?


  23. Steve Says:

    The .zip file is missing / broken URL…


  24. Donatas Says:

    Now I am using MacBook Pro 15 Mid2012 with 10.8.2 and built in FaceTime HD camera 05ac:8509 and I could only change Exposure mode, nothing more. Maybe I am doing something wrong?


  25. mikael Says:

    Download links seems to be offline. If anyone else needs to download this while links are off the package can be found also from here:


    This program is awesome, with this I’m able to connect webcam sensor to my telescope and get reasonable image :)

    For new user would be nice to have some popup when ran first time that informs program being added to task bar. First I thought that program just silently failed startup.


  26. sluggo Says:

    sorry guys! something must have broke with the last WP-update, will look into it tonight!


  27. Balazs Says:

    First of all thanks for such a good work! It is amazing how much you can do with this tool.
    I have a problem with Logitech cameras on my macmini and skype. I haven’t seen many people mentioning the same issue so there is maybe an other fix out there.
    So the problem what I am having is with the antiflicker (power line frequency) settings. Your tool allows me to change it for my camera to 50Hz however this setting is not ‘sticking’.
    Skype is changing the camera’s capturing resolution depending on the internet bandwith, every time it does that it switches back to 60Hz frequency which is the default for some odd reason.
    I won’t mind to buy an other camera for my macmini but have tested an other logitech camera which had the same problems.

    Keep up the good work and well done for what you have done so far.


  28. sluggo Says:

    Hello Balazs!
    I’m glad you liked the tool! Unfortunately this problem seems to be caused by how the other program (in this case, and most notably, skype) handles the cam. I’m not sure why the developers have chosen to do it this way, but it should be mentioned that it could very well be unintentional as simply closing and reopening a camera in the way it is described in a few of apples own samples will reset it. I’m looking into a few different options and will probably include a work-around for it in the next version of uvc-ctrl.

    // sluggo


  29. Paul Says:

    I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with this app, will definitely watch out for future updates. But is there any way to uninstall it? I’d made adjustments to my Logitech C910 camera and now I can’t see where to revert to the plain old defaults. Thanks for the help!


  30. mathew Says:

    Thank you so much for UVC-CTRL this is an amazing utility, and is helping us get better results from our science tools built around webcams, like spectralworkbench.org.

    Awesome work!


  31. sluggo Says:

    Hello Paul!
    Sorry for the late response, the cam should revert to the defaults if you just unplug it!

    // sluggo


  32. daniel Says:

    Hi Sluggo. I found out recently about uvc-ctrl and I find it very useful!
    One problem I have with my usage is that it doesn’t keep the settings when you restart the mac. There is a save button but it’s inactive. Is there a way to load a configuration file? Or a command line version of the app that I could script? My goal is mainly to deactivate autofocus.



  33. sluggo Says:

    Hello Daniel and sorry for the late response (i really need to step it up =)

    I’m glad you found uvc-ctrl useful! The 1.02a-version does unfortunately not support config-files nor have a cli. I’ve rewritten large parts of the back-end (which, when i get some time i’ll release as libuvcc) yet again. This means that i’ll have to rewrite most of the front-end as well (which really needed to be done anyway, that shit was not pretty =). This will include a simple cli-version mainly intended to be easily scripted!

    // sluggo