[mac, Xcode] Xcode 4.2 update, crash on opening project

well hello there!
i just updated to Xcode 4.2 on snow leopard (10.6.8) since 4.0.something kept crashing on me.. well, 4.2 wasn’t much better! when trying to open one of my projects it would crash immediately. i did the usual stuff, (re)moving


but to no effect. when i checked the crash log i saw that i got some ui-based reason:

ASSERTION FAILURE in /SourceCache/DVTKit/DVTKit-907/Framework/Classes/Tabs/DVTTabBarView.m:1532
Details:  Assertion failed: maxX >= minX

so i figured i’d check out what my workspace file (or actually folder) contained. after firing up iTerm and navigating to


i found the file UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate. having had a few beers i didn’t feel like going thru a gazillion rows of apple-xml just to fix some layout-crap so i simply (re)moved it. This fixed the problem.

// sluggo